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Purchase a $5 ornament in-store or online to support Habitat's Home Build fundraiser

All proceeds from the sale of ornaments will go directly towards the cost of building affordable housing in Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario's region.
An 8-foot piece of 2x4 wood, commonly used in framing, costs around $5.
Approximately 1,200 2x4s are used in the average Habitat for Humanity home build.

Did you know?

Habitat Families

Since Habitat Heartland was founded, we've been able to positively impact 117 families' ability to maintain strength, stability, and independence.

Build Volunteers

Habitat Heartland Ontario works together with approximately 65 or more volunteers on each single-family home build to achieve completion.

Volunteer Hours

In 2023, over 2,000 volunteer hours have been given by our community on build sites, renovation projects, and salvage opportunities.

Materials & Services

On an average build, Habitat Heartland Ontario funds 20% of the costs of construction through donated building materials and services.
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